Pawns and Purchases

As a pawn shop we deal in many types of items. From beautiful jewelry and paintings, to guitars and firearms, we offer collateral loans and great prices on just about anything you can think to bring in. If you have an item you think we might be interested in, give us a call. We do need to see every item in person in order to quote prices or say for sure if its something we can take in based on condition, however we can tell you if it’s something worth bringing in over the phone.

When you bring in an item you have the option to Loan against it or Sell it. If you sell it, we input the info, give you the cash, and that’s that. If you decide to loan it however you have the option to pick the item up at a later date. All Pawn Loans are good for four months. At the end of that 4 month period you can either pick the item up by paying back the amount loaned to you as well as the interest and fees, or renew the loan for an additional 4 months by paying the interest and fees up to that date. There is no limit to how many times you can renew, or how many items you can pawn so long as you are able to keep up on the payments.

Firearm Transfers

Our rates have changed with the start of the new year as state fees have changed. Please read carefully.

We are a fully licenced FFL, so we not only buy, loan, and sell guns, but also facilitate transfers. Our fees are fairly standard.

Online transfer in: $55 per gun

Purchases from Buds Guns: $45 per gun

Military Online: $35 per gun

Ammo Transfer: Free with Gun transfer up to 500 rounds, otherwise $35 for up to 2000 rounds of one Brand and Caliber, or up to 500 rounds total, and $15 additional after that. Military is $20 regardless of amount.

Transfer out: Hand Guns $55 + Shipping

Transfer out: Long Guns $65 + Shipping

Prices Listed do not include sales Tax or DROS unless stated.


Firearms are subject to a $37.19 fee to the DOJ for transfers

Ammo is subject to either a $1 Instant Check or $19 Full Check

Situations for this very so ask before initiating the transfer

Private Party Transfers

Private Party Transfers or PPTs are $47.19. PPTs will only be processed or facilitated on Tuesdays Between the hours of 3-5 pm.

Firearms Safety Card

We also have a certified firearms instructor on staff so we are able to provide the California Firearms Safety Card Test Needed to purchase a Firearm. The Fee for this test is $25, it is a 30 question test. It is not a difficult test however it is advised that you study before taking it. This Link will take you to the Official Online Study Guide.

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